Friday, May 11, 2012

Bubbles again

So, I guess I forgot to post in April, but I had another round of bubbles which went well as usual.  Yesterday was round 6 of bubbles, also known as IVIG, or simply put immunoglobulins.  As expected, all went well.  Next month I will have my next PET scan, and I anticipate a NED result.  Thats No Evidence of Disease for this who may be wondering.  So all is good.

Ankle is doing better, but my elbow is having some issues now, a little bursitis (tennis elbow).  Got an MRI next week, so we'll see.  Not taking any chances, same arm that had the big tumor in it, so getting it checked out.

Very excited to ride in my second Bike to Beat Cancer ride this year.  Definitely gonna be a better ride than last year I hope. :)  While I would love for the support on my ride, I do not expect it.  Every little bit helps too.  But even just encouragement helps, so join in, and lets Bike to Beat Cancer!!

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Bubbles times 6