Friday, August 26, 2011

The course is set, time to get ready!

So they posted the course for the 3 distances for the Bike to Beat Cancer ride on Sept. 24th.  Gonna drive it today, but here is the link to the course if you are curious. Ha.  It goes right by my neighborhood, kinda neat.

65 Mile course - actual course 68.38 miles

Less than one month away, I need your support.  Please take a moment to donate, even if it is a couple dollars, every little bit helps.  Follow the link if you would like.

Support my ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer!

A few weeks ago, they did an interview with me for the Bike to Beat Cancer ride.  They finally posted it on the Facebook page, so go take a look if you want a good laugh hehe.  It is actually not too bad I guess, but I always think worse of myself.    Because it is for such a good cause, I even put on the biker jersey, ohhhh those things are form fitting let me tell ya.  ha.  The ride will be a great event!!  Come out and cheer me on either at EP Tom Sawyer Park, or somewhere along the way.  Westport Road Walmart is a key location close to both the finish and almost mid way through the course.

Bike to Beat Cancer video with Jackie Hays and I

Anyone can give up, it is the easiest thing to do.  But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.
 - unknown

Cruising along

Many this month has flown by.  Kinda stinks, but thats how it is.  Up to 32 miles on my training for the Bike to Beat Cancer bike ride.  I was hoping for 45 this weekend, but some muscle cramps due to the hills got the best of me.  But the final stretch is coming, and the push is on.  Be sure to click the link to help sponsor my ride.  Every little bit helps.

Support my ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer Ride on Sept 24th

The pain I felt in my shoulder is more of a discomfort now.  Still waiting to find out when the MRI will be scheduled.  More on that when I find out.  :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maintenance Round 2 done and done

Had my second round of maintenance today, and all went well.  Talked to the doc about my shoulder pain, and he wants to do an MRI to make sure there is no fractures or anything from the tumor that was in my shoulder.  He pressed in the front and that sure got my attention, so maybe it is just needing a cortisone shot or something to get it back to normal.  We'll see soon.  Treatment went well, no complications.

Yesterday I had an interview for the Bike to Beat Cancer ride for Norton's.  While I feel kinda dorky, it was kinda fun.  Should be up on the website for all to have a good laugh over.  But please support my ride, whether you have $5 or $10, it all goes to a great cause.  I up'd my goal cause I want to get a championship jersey but also to help out the research that will keep me healthy.  Click the link below and donate online for me!  Thanks!

Support my ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer!!!!