Friday, September 23, 2011

Preparation for the Ride

Spare tubes check.  Electrolytes check.  The important stuff check.  Motivation check check.

In about 10 hours, the Bike to Beat Cancer ride will begin at EP Tom Sawyer Park.  68.38 miles, I am trying to figure out how long that will take me.  If I can maintain an average of 15 mph, thats a little over 4.5 hours.  Woot Woot.   Either way, time to rest up and get myself ready.

I currently met my $1,000 fundraising goal by 133%.  What an awesome finish!

2011 Bike to Beat Cancer Ride

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Chance!!!

Okay, I am still a little short, I am at about 83% of my goal for the Bike to Beat Cancer ride on Saturday the 24th of September.  This goes to such a worthy cause, if you are interested, please help me reach my goal :)

Support my ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer!! 2 Days left!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feeling good!

So the cortisone shot seems to be working, and making the discomfort stay away.  I start physical therapy next week, that ought to be fun.  So we'll see how that works out and what happens in a few weeks.

Next round of maintenance is Oct 5th.  Should be a breeze like always.

So in 7 days, I will partake in the Bike to Beat Cancer ride for the Norton's Cancer Institute.  68.38 miles long, I hope that I can take the hills and twists on this long course.  I have met 70% of my goal.  Only need a little bit more.  Definitely would appreciate the support for this great cause.  :)

Bike to Beat Cancer - Support my ride!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bring on the shots

Okay, so today's appointment didn't do much for me to figure out what is in store for me for my torn rotator cuff, but I did find out it was a 5mm tear.  While that doesn't tell me much, I do know that being able to see the MRI films would have helped a lot more.  The doctor wasn't able to view them so he is going to start me with a shot in the glenohumeral joint and did some X-rays today.  He did say the report said the lesion was inactive but sounds like it is still there.  Not sure what relevance that has, but will know more once he sees the MRI films.   So tomorrow morning I get the shot, and PT will start soon.  Hopefully that is all I will need for now.   But, I have a hunch the battle is not over.  Stay tuned, more to come.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a tear

So I got the MRI results today, looks like the right shoulder has a rotator cuff tear.  That might explain all the pain/discomfort that I have been having, especially when I use my camera for a bit during the day.  My appointment with the Doc is on Thursday, 8 September, so I won't know more till then.  Glad to know what was causing the problem, but not sure I am too happy to know. :)  More to follow.

Hopefully this will not interrupt my Bike to Beat Cancer ride, but we'll see.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

MRI complete

I had my MRI on Friday, so hopefully I will know soon if there is anything else going on in my shoulder that has been causing me the discomfort.  This was the first one I have had done at the Brownsboro Road Norton's Hospital, and the first in an open MRI, so it wasn't quite as intimidating as the closed ones.

I have passed the halfway point in sponsorship for my bike ride on September 24th.  Only 20 days away, can't wait to get this started!!  If you have a few extra dollars to help Cancer Research, please click the below link to help me reach my goal!!

Sponsor me in the Bike to Beat Cancer Ride!!