Saturday, April 23, 2011

Treatment 3 done!

No obvious side effects from the Neulasta shot yet, so all is well.  Hope to know something in a couple weeks on when my PET scan will be.  So for now, its sit back and go back to the norm.  :)

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter Weekend. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Treatment #3c

Today went great, no issues with the treatment.  Got my new schedule for May.  If the PET scan shows a need for a 4th or more treatments, I will be having a big birthday in the chair, yep it falls on my birthday.  Oh well, maybe I will get special treatment that day LOL.

All is well, time to cruise into May.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Treatment #3b

So today went well as usual, next months PET scan will show how the treatments have worked.  They have me scheduled for another round next month, but I think that it is dependent on the results of the PET scan.  My nurse said that usually 4 is the fewest, so I think that is something that depends on the PET results, so nothing to be concerned with.  I will have the Rituxan maintenance for probably a year, which is like every 8 weeks, but I will know more about that next month, and if Vanderbilt is something that will benefit me.  So, one more day and a shot and I will cruising into May.  All is good.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Treatment #3a

Today was a great day.  No issues during treatment.  Mr Smurf ended up turning from blue to green, if you know what I mean.  The 3rd bag that has given me a little issue had no problem today due to the added steroid injection.  So, today I finished about 2 hours earlier, and I never felt bad at all.  Did not see the vision blurriness like before, but felt maybe a little nausea but nothing I had to take medicine for.  So a great day.  My onc (oncologist) came to see me, and we discussed how things were going.  Because of the tumor being in the bone marrow, he mentioned his thoughts to still have me get evaluated at Vanderbilt.  I may have to have maintenance treatments to help the bone marrow, but he did not give specifics yet as he is waiting on the pet scan in May to see how I responded to chemo.  He mentioned the bone marrow transplant, but that would depend on how things go in May and how remission goes.  He doesn't have enough information yet and the trip to Vanderbilt will help, so that will be more information later.

For now, I feel GREAT, yes I would say if I did not, and there still is ZERO pain in my shoulder.  That gives me great hopes that May will be a great month!!  So thats it for now, 3 days to go, and then cruise into May.

Once again, Mr. Smurf failed      :)

Final round, just a bunch of smiles

It never hurts to ask for prayers, and while you continue to pray for me, I hope that I can ask that you pray for my friends who are dealing with any form of Cancer.  It seems several are getting news and I ask that you pray for my friends, which I leave nameless out of respect.  But you guys have helped me tremendously, I thought I would ask this small favor :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Almost done!

So tomorrow starts my final round of treatment.  All is great, and I expect the same results this week.  I have had a couple people ask if I am really great, or just saying it so no one worries.  Thats an expected question and I will say that I have no reason to sugar coat this.  So all of my posts are genuine and factual.  I really wish I had something to tell you, but nothing has come up.  The meds and chemo have messed up my blood sugar, which was expected, but my doctor has adjusted my meds to help counter it.  So all is really good.  As I have always thanked my supporters, I can say for sure, if I had something go wrong, I would post that too.  But all has been GREAT!  And I expect more to come, so the next 4 days will be the last of planned treatments, and hopefully a fantastic May for me.

iBelieve!   It's contagious. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pain free, I just can't describe it!

So I am almost a week away from my planned last treatment.  And I am feeling GREAT.  No pain in the shoulder for almost 3 months now, I am totally ecstatic about it.  Feeling great also.  I have a week of vacation so that I can finish some photography projects.  Definitely gonna be a great week.  Time is moving along fast, can't wait to see where the summer takes me.  Hopefully to the beach for some more R&R :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half way to home

So today is halfway through the second week, and I am just cruising.  I feel great, really, I am doing well.  No sniffles or cough like the first round.  Just doing good.  Thought maybe I felt a little pain from the Neulasta shot, but I think it was just my mind.   Getting excited for the final round and put this baby to rest.  So for now, all is GREAT.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

One week down, two to go!

Very little to say but all is well. No real issues, blood sugars coming back down, so full steam ahead. The 20th is the final treatment as planned. I think May is going to be a great month and cannot wait till then. So for now, all is good!!