Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Went in for my port flush today, first time I have had this.  Pretty simple, they put the saline in, then the hepren (sp) and I was done.  No clogging or anything.  Next step, maintenance treatment in August.   All is WELL :)

The journey continues.......

Tomorrow is my port flush.  I think it is just a check to make sure no clogging has occurred, flush some saline though it, and I am done.  Can't wait, cause I miss the awesome nurses that took care of me at Louisville Oncology!!

This weekend I rode 29.6 miles, and tonight 4.5 miles, working to get set for my 65 miles in September for the Bike to Beat Cancer.  I am really excited to do this, it is for a great cause, one near and dear to my heart.  

I am still hoping to get more support for my ride, and raise some money for a good cause!  If you have some pennies laying around, I will take those, any little bit will help :)

Bike to Beat Cancer - Help me by sponsoring my ride!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun in Orlando

Man, time is flying by.  All is still going well, and pretty soon it will be time for my next maintenance treatment.  I had a blast in Orlando with my friends Marcia, John, and Kelsey.  Got to spend two days at Universal and LOVED LOVED LOVED the World of Harry Potter!!!  The Forbidden Journey just couldn't get any better.  4 days of the AAU Girls Jr. National Championship volleyball action.  What a blast.  My friends daughter Kelsey made the All Stars, one of eleven out of 275+ participants.  Awesome!!!

Tonight I biked 21 miles to continue training for the Bike to Beat Cancer ride in September.  I am tired let me tell you.  But a great ride tonight, just had a hard time on the hills.  Saturday there is a big ride and hope to make it even further then.  Please don't forget to support my ride and sponsor me :)

Bike to Beat Cancer, support my ride!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Time to get away and relax

Today I will be heading to Orlando, FL with some friends for 9 days of relaxation.  For 3 of the days, we will be visiting Universal Studios, including Harry Potter World, which I am very excited about.  Definitely a much needed get away and hopefully time to rest up and relax.  I have several fruity drinks in mind!   

All has been going well for me, no issues, just trying to keep moving in the right direction.  Definitely enjoying the positive results.  Very excited for September to get here so I can do the Bike to Beat Cancer ride, and have been doing some rides to get ready.  Definitely looking forward to it, and maybe see some friendly faces out to support me. :)

If you would like to support my ride for this great cause, click the below link and donate.

Bike to Beat Cancer - Support my Ride for this Cause!

In a recent portrait project, Nick Folino took this photo for me with a biking theme. :)