Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Almost done!

So tomorrow starts my final round of treatment.  All is great, and I expect the same results this week.  I have had a couple people ask if I am really great, or just saying it so no one worries.  Thats an expected question and I will say that I have no reason to sugar coat this.  So all of my posts are genuine and factual.  I really wish I had something to tell you, but nothing has come up.  The meds and chemo have messed up my blood sugar, which was expected, but my doctor has adjusted my meds to help counter it.  So all is really good.  As I have always thanked my supporters, I can say for sure, if I had something go wrong, I would post that too.  But all has been GREAT!  And I expect more to come, so the next 4 days will be the last of planned treatments, and hopefully a fantastic May for me.

iBelieve!   It's contagious. :)

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