Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maintenance Round 2 done and done

Had my second round of maintenance today, and all went well.  Talked to the doc about my shoulder pain, and he wants to do an MRI to make sure there is no fractures or anything from the tumor that was in my shoulder.  He pressed in the front and that sure got my attention, so maybe it is just needing a cortisone shot or something to get it back to normal.  We'll see soon.  Treatment went well, no complications.

Yesterday I had an interview for the Bike to Beat Cancer ride for Norton's.  While I feel kinda dorky, it was kinda fun.  Should be up on the website for all to have a good laugh over.  But please support my ride, whether you have $5 or $10, it all goes to a great cause.  I up'd my goal cause I want to get a championship jersey but also to help out the research that will keep me healthy.  Click the link below and donate online for me!  Thanks!

Support my ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer!!!!

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