Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And so it begins......

Had an awesome appointment with my onc.  The radiation appears to have been effective.  Onc wants to do a pet scan next month, and that will be the tell.  I expect good results.  So where to go from here.  With the steady results and only the minor bump in the road when my immune system crashed, its time to progress to the next phase.  End of maintenance.   No more Rituxan maintenance.   While this is good, it also means, lets hope that my system can fight the fight.  All indications are that it will.  So here we go, no more treatments, and hopefully just random pet scans, and eventually the port will probably come out.  All things are good, so lets roll with it.

I could have done so well during these times without all the support and prayers from my family and friends.  Thank you so much.  Truly priceless!!  I will end with my favorite quote:

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