Thursday, April 17, 2014

All Clear yet again! Next checkup, 6 months!

475 days ago I went into remission from my second battle with Stage IV Non-hodgkins Lymphoma.  I have had two immune system crashes, and many months of immunoglobulins, AKA Bubbles, to help boost my immune system.  Today was my second 3 month checkup since stopping the bubbles.  I received an all clear, with no evidence of disease.  I am still waiting on blood work to see where the immune system counts are, but all indications are that things are going well.  If the counts are good, the onc has mentioned taking out the port, something that has been a symbol of all that I have gone though.  It doesn't hurt, just kinda sits there, and is the catalyst to my recovery.   Hope to get good news tomorrow, but for now, I am head to checkups every 6 months now.   Couldn't be happier.

I couldn't have done this without the huge support system I have and I will always iBelieve, and never give up.

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