Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hard to believe that it has been a year since I have created a post here, but its been pretty steady with 3 month or 6 month checkups.  So all was well until 3 months ago in February when they saw a new spot on the CT scan so this checkup was very important.  But the spot did not do anything so they consider it just a spot right now, no reason for concern.  Since this was great news, my oncologist decided that we could pull the port out if I wanted.  On Feb 11, 2011, I received my port that would be the key to all the drugs pumping into my body for chemotherapy.  Every 6 weeks I have had to flush it so that the socket would not dry up.  

Ironically, I found out on 5/18/2011 that I was in remission, and on 5/18/2015 just 4 years later I will remove the most important piece of my chemotherapy.  Has it really been 4 years.  Man, this will be a great day, but also my birthday.  Seems fitting to me.   

I will post my favorite quote, because of this great day!

Never Give Up!

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