Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bubbles Squared

Okay, so today was another fun day at the oncology office.  Labs showed that I was on the low side for red blood cells and calcium, and some others I have no idea what they are.  While the scans are all clear, and the first round of immunoglobulins have helped, my onc gave me another round today.  If you don't remember, I call it bubbles because the air going in the vacuum sealed bottle cause bubbles in the immunoglobulins, so I just call it bubbles.  Talked to the doctor about going on 14 weeks of coughing and yuck.  While I thought I was on the up's, I woke up with congestion and a little sore throat, but probably from drainage.  Once again the lungs sound good, but the cough still plagues me.  I was hopefully going to see the pulmonary doctor soon to make sure the rituxan wasn't doing to much to the chest (chest pain and tightness are side effects), but they cannot see me till February.  Since my onc called him he had hoped I would get in quick.  Hopefully he will be able to bump that up sooner.  Talking about how the coughs occur, my onc wanted to try an anti-fungal medicine.  All in all, I was feeling better, the cough just won't go away.  So I started the new meds tonight, and I have to say, after the immunoglobulins, I kinda felt pretty good.  Tonight, I am coughing less than before.  Though sometimes I do feel short of breath when coughing, I feel pretty good.  Crossing my fingers that things are improving!!!  Knocking on wood so I don't jinx myself.  Go back February 1st for another round of immunoglobulins.  I'm getting there, just gotta get on it.  That's it for now, feeling better, but hopefully keep going in the right direction.
Immunoglobulins = bubbles

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