Friday, November 2, 2012

The results are in....

Finally got in for my PET scan on Monday, and called today to see if the results were in.  They were and unfortunately it wasn't "all clear" this time.  There was a hotspot in a lymph node in the lower left part of my neck.  While any spot isn't good, its not something I am worried about yet.  It is small, and my onc is going to do the PET scan more frequently so they can watch it.  My next treatment is in December, so I would anticipate a scan will be ordered prior to that.  They told me today that if it gets bigger they will do a biopsy and go from there.  Time to watch and wait.

A lot have already asked if I am doing okay, and yes I am.  From the first day when my onc told me I had cancer, I have had a positive outlook.  This won't beat me down either.  Even if it is back.  I know that at some point I will probably relapse.  If it happens this soon, well, my onc will have a plan.  So this is just another walk in the park.  But it is something to pay attention to, so up periscope!

More to come!

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