Tuesday, November 27, 2012

496 days, Relapse

It's hard to believe that it has been 496 days since I hear my oncologist tell me that I had no evidence of disease, a great present.  Unfortunately, almost two years since the first diagnosis, yet another Christmas brings news that the fight is on again.  My oncologist surprised me today, just hours after my biopsy's were complete, with the news that in fact the lymphoma has returned in the mass that showed up in the lymph nodes in my neck.  While I only felt one lump on the left side of my neck, I have been having some discomfort and pain in the area below the jawbone.  My oncologist did say that the bone marrow biopsy did not show any return of the lymphoma, which was great news.  After discussing with the radiologist, I will find out specifics on the radiation treatment that will be recommended.  So today I am resting as the two areas are a bit tender.  Once I hear specifics I will lay it out, but for now, I just know that I have a new fight as I go into this Christmas season.  But thats okay, cause I already started weeks ago!

Blood pressure cuff was a bit tight
Getting some fluids

If you don't know by now, I love technological things.  And today, I wasn't ready for it.  The nurse that wheeled me back to the operating room for my biopsy was fun to chat with as my day started.  She maneuvered my bed easily through the hallway.  The hospital has been doing a bit of renovating, and I went from the nice area to the hallways of the non-remodeled area.  So here I lay, in the hallway waiting.  She slides her card over the card reader and the closed doors on the right opened, which I figured I was heading into the left room which was open.  As I turned into the room, I was a bit taken back by the bright white ceilings, recessed lighting, and just plain new looking.  When they turned me to be along side of the table, I was staring at an display arm that had what looked like four 24" monitors connected to the big X-ray machine hanging from the ceiling.  Now I am sure it is not called an xray machine, but they used it to do the bone marrow biopsy and it was cool looking.  As I got hooked up to  all the connectors, my pulse lit up on the screen, blood pressure, even the a graph that showed my heart beat, my breathing pattern, and something else I could not determine.  Pretty slick.  So as I made a comment to the nurse, she told me it was a million dollar operating room.  And I could see why.  She even asked what I wanted to listen to during the time I was in there.   She connected her iPhone with Pandora to the speakers and piped in music that I requested, which was Taylor Swift.  And when the music started to play I was just like wow, this was cool.  So thats how my day went, quite amazed at the whole experience, even though it was my second round of biopsy's.  Yes I did want to have my iPhone with me, I could have an awesome photo of the room, oh well.  :)

I will end with my favorite quote:

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  1. I've been thinking about you today and checking for a post. Think good thoughts. Stay strong.