Friday, December 23, 2011

Maintenance on hold

Talked to the oncologist again today.  Gotta say that the day started off good with a nice number on the scale, good blood pressure, but concerns over the coughs.  Yes, after 12 weeks, I am still coughing.  This past week I noticed a tightening of the chest feeling at times when I took a breath, and sometimes just not feeling like I was breathing well.  Not short on breaths, but just a very different feeling.  One of the side affects to Rituxan is lung problems and chest pains.  So my oncologist is going to put my Rituxan on hold right now, and send me to a pulmonary specialist to see what is going on with the lungs and make sure that the harshness of the Rituxan hasn't knocked me down too far.  So I have a High Resolution CT scan tomorrow morning, hopefully the infection is gone, but better yet not worsened.  I will go back in two weeks and have another round of immunoglobulins, bubbles as I call them, and see if it will get my immune system back on track.  Guess I now know what it is like to have a suppressed immune system.  While I don't feel awful, the cough is getting old, but the tight chest did get my attention, so here is to getting better!!

So not a lot of good cheer to go with this, but Christmas is soon to be upon us.  I will have a smile on my face, and look forward to a new 2012.  This year has been one that I will not forget, but I am very positive that I will continue to do well and am motivated to continue fighting this inconvenience.  Many people keep me in their prayers, and I am grateful for that, and is part of the reason that I stay strong in this fight!!

Merry Christmas!  iBelieve

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