Friday, December 2, 2011

Maintenance Round 4 delayed

So like I cannot believe I have not added a post in almost 2 months.  Where is time going.  But I partially have a good reason.  I have been sick for 9 weeks now.  It started out as a cough sometimes congested head in the middle of October. So I started the over the counter meds, you know mucinex and vitamin c.  Yeah that did not get better.  So at the end of October, found out I did have fluids in my right ear, an ugly throat, and I got my first round of amoxicillin, and an inhaler.  7 days and guess what, not better.  Gave it a little longer but went back for more meds.  Got some cough syrup with codeine plus a nose spray.  10 days later, the improvement nose dived again and I started feeling like crap again.  The coughing was not suppressed with the syrup I was taking so I asked for something better so I could at least sleep.  So Oct 29th, my third trip in, got a chest X-ray.  Yeah, that was clear, my lungs sounded clear, but I coughed and hacked it up all the time.  So I asked how that could be with everything being clear, and was told that they may need to do a CT scan of my chest.  Guess you cannot se everything with X-rays any more.

So I asked my oncologists triage nurses whether there was anything to be worried about and what a CT scan would show that a chest X-ray wouldn't.   Apparently a good bit.  So, I got right in for a CT scan, and when I went in my my 4th round of maintenance, my oncologist decided we would delay and he wanted bloodwork.  Talked about my immunoglobulins and needing to see if they are low.  He wants to give me what I think is called an ivig, which google says is an iv with immune globulins from donated plasma.  So the bloodwork is taken and I will know more on the 8th.

So meanwhile, 4 days into the stronger antibiotics, and I don't feel any better.  The cough syrup which has hydrocodone in it, that makes me sleep pretty darn good.  Thats a life saver let me tell you.  I will see what Monday brings, but if I am not better, might be calling back to ask about the immune system and what the bloodwork looks like.  It's a wait game.  Not sure when Round 4 will be, so keep an eye out.

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