Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping track

So dang, this week has been a flood of bills.  And a bunch of Explanation of Benefit forms to match up.  But I keep trying to figure out which go with which, and it's kinda hard cause some are only a couple of items.  Dang, this has been a tough one, and I am giving up for tonight. :)

But, the big one came in.  Two appointments, and 3 days of chemo.  $24,365.25.  Bada Bing.  So that means my total with the 5 big bills recently comes to $65,798.25.  Now thats a lot. :)  Waiting on the EoB's to see what is covered.  Trying to figure out what to pay out and get ready for.

Still smiling and feeling great!!

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