Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Treatment #2a

So today started Treatment #2, this is the mid-way point if all goes as planned.  So today, a little stressed as traffic put me behind, and every road seemed to have a delay.  Getting there about 9:55 instead of 9:30 mean I got behind a lot of people.  So, checked in, ready to go, and because there was a few ahead of me, I got hooked up to the machine and saline going in in at just about 11am.  Bloodwork checked out and the first bag was in.  I started to play the Angry Birds, listening to Millionaire, and drinking the water.  That bag finished fast.  Had several wonderful visitors to chat with today that made the time go by way fast.  Mr. Smurf, came and went, and basically my Red shirt told him who is boss, so I own'd you Mr. Smurf.  Bag number three, good ole Rituxan.  This was the one I had the couple reactions to.  The bump on my head did not duplicate itself, which was something I talked to my doctor about.  That is good, he wasn't concerned over it, so all is good.  But the tightening chest and the tingling/itchy scalp did.  I also felt a little light headed, mostly when talking to the person to my left, and then to my right.  Wasn't bad, just noticeable.  Because they want to know any reactions, my wonderful nurse decided to back it off a little, and give me a shot of a steroid to help easy any discomfort.  This lessened all of the noticeable symptoms.

So I took 7 hours today, but it went by so fast it was great.  As I gathered my things to leave today, I thought, damn, I feel great.  No noticeable pains or nausea, but I did start to notice the voice being hard to talk, coughing like I had something in the throat.  But, thats a side effect and the throat thickening and/or the tongue, speaking gets harder sometime, messing up on pronouncing some words.  So thats okay.  I got that last time too.  So for right now, I kicked its butt again.

Best news is, STILL NO PAIN IN THE SHOULDER.   Singly, that has given me a lot of hope that this is going very well.  If you haven't read all the way back to the long first post, I had an MRI expecting news of a torn rotator cuff.  Instead it showed a possible tumor in the humeral head.  LOTS of pain, coming and going, which made sleeping miserable.

So that give me great hope and expectation that my onc (oncologist) is RIGHT and that Three Strikes and your OUT!!!  For my birthday in May, I plan to be in remission, and continue to spread my motivation and enthusiasm as long as I need to, because all you can do is iBelieve!

Tomorrow is a one hour, more then.

 Gifts from my teammates.  PRICELESS!
 Mr. Smurf, I own'd you!

I can't take a good iPhone good photo, but the smile is genuine!


  1. We should definitely have a get together in May to celebrate your birthday and to celebrate your remission! Hope to see you this weekend.

  2. I enjoyed sitting with you today =]. You know I'm always here for you if you need anything. I hope to come in again next time and do the same. Love you tons