Friday, March 25, 2011

Treatment #2c

So round two, done.  No problems, no side effects, feeling awesome.  So now the cautious part where I watch out for trouble cause my immune system goes out of whacks.  Saw my regular doctor about my sugars and got some insulin shots to take so that the drugs and chemo treatments don't give me too much of a sugar kick.  So all is good, noticing changes already.  This is a good thing.  So top of the mountain and crossing the peak to head down to the final and planned last round next month.  Time is moving very fast.

So glad the pain is still gone, definitely enjoy being able to catch up on the photography side of the house.  You never know what will happen to you when you cannot function day to day like you normally do.  It's a slow process but definitely making strides to catch up.  To those that have graciously given me time to heal, I cannot thank you enough.  And thanks for helping me focus on myself and not be stressed for being behind.  Priceless!

So, as I pass these 25 days til the final round, expect post that all is well, just like last time.  So for now, all is well, no complaints, except I saw some snow flurries today, where the heck did the almost 80 degree weather go.  I am so ready for that and some fun photography outings.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers that my huge support group has sent for me.  That motivates me tremendously.

Have a great weekend all, and iBelieve!

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