Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treatment #2b

In and out, it took like 30 minutes to get the bag and little bit of saline.  Feel great, and don't see any issues just like last month.  This is really going well, and expect the same tomorrow.  So nothing to report, just feeling great and going in to see my primary care doctor in a little bit, gonna double check things out of whack because of the chemo drugs.

It's tough seeing Facebook posts that more people are talking about cancer, like it is popping out of the woodworks.  I know what they go through when they are waiting to find out for sure if it is.  Whether breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, they all have a waiting period while test results are determined.  Then, the bills come in and you are overwhelmed at times.  I got one more bill today, and it looks like I have maxed out my out of pocket expenses, so guess that will be a good thing.  But either way, attitude is everything.  I won't let it get me down and the bills will be worked out.  Gotta stay positive and move forward, just wish the whole process would be easier and everyone could have things caught early.

So, one more hour day and a shot on Saturday and 25 days till round 3, rock and roll, here I come.  Thanks to everyone who supports me day to day, I could not do this without your help to keep me motivated.  So far I haven't really needed to reach out in times of need, but I know I can count on everyone if needed.  I thank you for that!


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