Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The simplest of tests can test your resistance to pain

So today was my first PET scan.  Since I did not know anything about them, I was a bit surprised.  So it said no eating 4 hours before.  Since I was on driving arrest for 24 hours from my bone marrow biopsy, I slept in and was ready to leave for work at 10am.  So I ate some turkey to give me a little boost to 2:15pm. So I get to work, and oh guess what, there are all kinds of goodies.  Brownies, cookies, pretzel kiss things. And I can't eat them till after my 2:15 appointment.  That was hard.  So I get there at 2pm, sign in all the paperwork things, and wait.  I get called back and find out that they have to inject something in me to get me ready for the PET, and oh yeah, I have to sit for one hour to let it work it's way in my system.  Tell a hungry man to wait an hour, then have a 20 minute procedure.  So I sit and watch The Talk and had a good time waiting.  I get called back and oh yeah, love the techs :)  I lay down on the board, and she tells me that I have to raise my arms above my head.   UUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!  The worst position I could be in.  While it didn't seem to bad, I get sucked through the donut looking machine, and as I go through I see a radiation symbol and these lines.  Yeah, don't know what they meant.  :)  I try to lay still, and then I get pulled out, the lasers did not line up right, so she set them back up and in I go again.  This time all goes well and they start slowly going through the scans.  Now remember that pain I talked about.  Yeah, as the 20 minutes ticked down, the pain increased on my shoulder.  The cushion I was laying my head on was pushing on a tender spot in my shoulder and I began to hate the pain it was causing.  While the test was not that hard, having the headrest pushing into my shoulder made it so tough to get through.  When I got pulled out and told I could relax my arms, I slowly moved them as it was painful.  I told her I hope I was still enough for the scan, and all she asked was if it was my first.  So next time, if there is any pain, I know I will try to lay a little different, but I made it through.

So tonight, the pain is not any less, so I took some good meds and hopefully I will be able to sleep.  Wednesday is a free day, no appointments, but I am still gathering information on doctors, care, and the best solution for me.  That is tiring.  But I am thankful for friends and extended friends that have helped me determine the best route for me during this inconvenience.

Regardless of the pain, and all the decision making, I am still ready to jump in and wipe this out before it gets the best of me.  All the support gives me strength to stay motivated and be ready to beat this.  So I still have a clear head, and am strong.  And iBelieve!!


  1. I'm so glad you are remaining positive throughout this experience. You are finding the bright side of everything and learning from it too! I'm am using you as my motivator to have a positive attitude all the time. Keep on shinning! You're in my thoughts and prayers as always, and I can't wait to see you when I get home.
    love you bunches!

  2. .....you forgot to mention that your favorite niece in the world drove you around while you weren't allowed to drive! ;) haha
    im glad to see that you have a positive attitude about this whole thing. it makes me think positive about it as well. keep up the good spirits! hope to see you soon!
    love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. I wonder how you are doing and it is nice to read. Stay positive and we will keep you in our prayers. I Believe!!! <3 Jennifer