Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treatment #1b

So today was a very short day, only took about an hour to get the fludara in me.  This one did not give me any feeling yesterday and the same happened today.  Didn't feel anything.   I don't know if I felt nausea or just hunger for lunch today, but all is going well.  So just being productive and making sure something doesn't happen, plus staying away from others that might be sick.  Gonna be doing that a lot the next two weeks.  The nurse told me today that with the shot I have to get on Saturday to boost my bone marrow activity, I might not crash as bad.  Still gotta see what happens.  But doing good for now.  Quite happy.  And I am still motivated to get this done!

I have said it several times, but the support/prayers from friends and family has been a huge boost to my motivation and energy, I can't thank you enough!  For now, I'm just taking it easy.


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  1. You are such an inspiration! Feel all the prayers coming your way!