Friday, February 25, 2011

Treatment #1c

So today was the final bag for my first treatment, leaving only the shot tomorrow morning.  It has been quite an easy couple days.  I have to say not getting stuck in the hand or arm has been quite nice.  The needle going into the port is just a minor stick, and pretty quick.  I chose to do a new needle each day instead of leaving it in for 3 days, mostly because I don't want to bump it when I roll around at night by accident, plus I cannot get it wet.  But we'll see how it goes next time.  So today, got my bag finished and asked a little about some of the meds to make sure I am taking them as needed, and then I was done.  I was a little tired today since last night I was up a lot, mostly going to the bathroom.  But just laid down to get a little nap.  All the additional IV fluids plus me drinking more water, have kept the trips to the bathroom quite active let me tell you.  But as of right now, I haven't really felt any issues due to the first treatments, and am glad to be resting and taking it easy.  I think that helps more than anything.  My shoulder pain has gone away which is allowing me to get a few projects worked on and seem like I might be back to normal.  We'll see if it comes back in a week or so like it usually did.

So for now, I have nothing to report.  No sickness from the first treatment, no use of the meds standing by, just relaxing, taking it easy, and having tons of support to keep me motivated.  The next couple weeks will be harder on me than I think, because I have to be careful who I am around as far as sickness and things go.  Gotta wash my hands a lot, carry the hand sanitizer, all that stuff to stay healthy has my immune system catches back up.  So, we'll see how that works, and hopefully going back to work will keep my mind busy so time passes quickly to get to the next round of treatment.  Which is Mar 23rd, 24th, and 25th.    I may post a few posts as I go, but it will be smooth sailing I hope till the next treatment.

Signing off with a big smile for this week!

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  1. Rob, I'm glad everything seems to be going well for you. I hope all your treatments go as well as this one seems to be going. I'll keep praying for you.

    Take care,
    Tom Logsdon