Saturday, February 26, 2011

Treatment 1 complete, doing great!

So I had my shot of Neulasta today, which is a drug that helps your body make more of its own natural white blood cells to help protect you against chemotherapy-related infection, which could put things on hold.  So far, I have not seen any side effects at all, so today has been a great day.  I got out a bit for lunch with a good friend, and then met two other friends to chit chat.  This first treatment has gone so well, I hope that all the energy I have to kick this keeps things the same way for the next two treatments.  I have zero pains or sickness, and have been doing very good.  It's been great to spend a little time catching up editing some photo projects that have been put on hold because of the pain in my right shoulder.  I will be cruising through to the 23rd of March hopefully with all good reports.  Thanks again for everyone's support/prayers.

:) Rob


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  1. Another great report Rob. Look forward to seeing you back at work. Take care and God bless buddy.