Wednesday, December 19, 2012

50% done, doing just fine!

Today was my 5th and quickest treatment, which puts me at 50% complete.  I think I am noticing the fatigue as I seem to get tired earlier than before.  Not too bad but something I noticed.  The sore throat seems to be more first thing in the morning but goes away in the afternoon.  The dry mouth isn't too bad, just trying to stay hydrated.  All in all, everything is going well!!

I was worried today that the mistletoe broke again, but ended up with a hug so that means it is sorta worked, but 3 for 3 LOL  I have an awesome team that takes good care of me for my treatments, so happy to have them.

I didn't take a photo yesterday, but I managed to get a shot of one of several laser beams that they use to line me up on the table.

You decide what you see!

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