Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Flag, one to go!!!!

Today was bittersweet as I hit number 9 out of 10 treatments.  But the mistletoe was pulled down and packed away.  So ends the storytelling.  Ha.  Today's treatment went extremely fast, and uneventful.  I am so close to finishing it kinda stinks that the mouth sores are causing a lot of discomfort for me, but I will take it as that is really all that has popped up.  I got a prescription to help counter the discomfort of the two sores that make it no fun to eat.  Moving forward, and looking forward to 2013, gonna ring it in and look forward to a new year and surviving yet again!

This photo is the bottom side of the machine that pushes out the radiation therapy.  While you cannot see the panels that form the beam in the black area, I always new where it was aiming based on the angle as it rotates.  and yes, if you look close enough you can see the alignment marks that mean something when assembling/deassembling in the upper left corner.

Krypton's Beam

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