Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Destination: 2013

So the last few days are upon us in 2012, and the Christmas cheer is growing.  Day 4 of 10 went off without a hitch, and one of the quickest treatments of all.  Guess that means the line up was perfect and the radiation flowed right after.  So far, feeling good.  Dry mouth is returning.  I feel a little in the sore throat arena, but many around me are ill so hard to say want it is from.  Haven't noticed much fatigue, but that will creep up on me I am sure.  So number 4 went down fast and uneventful, this week is cruising right along.

And on a positive note, the mistletoe worked a second day in a row.  Might have been due to the cookies I brought in, but I will keep to my story and it was all me.  :)

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