Friday, December 21, 2012

After two weeks, we're heading into the final stretch

5 days straight, the throat is a little sore, but more importantly the dry mouth makes it feel like a hair ball is in my throat or a nice coating of flim.  The skin isn't showing much change, maybe a little dry, and I can tell where the hair is not growing, but all in all, I feel fine.  Each day this week I have taken a photo to show a little bit of what this experience is like.  Todays is the magic to the beams.  All these numbers represent how the radiation is going to be focused onto my mass.  No I cannot explain them, but I see them every treatment.  3 more treatments to go, gotta take a break so everyone can enjoy Christmas, and then we'll finish up and cruise on into the new year.  So for now, I am doing great.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!

Today, I got two hugs, and two kisses on the cheeks at the same time from my awesome radiation therapists.  One wore a head band that had mistletoe hanging, so I had to return the favor.  That mistletoe sure worked well today :) :)

4 Days til Christmas

5 days til traffic starts to clear up

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