Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time moves fast with it all lines up

Today was treatment number 6, and ended with a visit with the rad onc.  I was in and out of the mask in about 10 minutes today, treatments are going so much more smoother now, and it is all based on alignment.  When my xrays match up with my original CT scan, the radiation treatment is started and finished in no time.  I have shown photos of the markings that make that alignment possible, and today, it was right one and in no time I was out.  So today, I wanted to capture a photo before my mask was removed.  Wanted to see what the red light I stare at looked like from the outside.  So I took a photo and one of the techs took a side shot for me also.  I have the most incredible team that I put my treatment in their hands.  They mean so much to me.

Many have asked how I do it.  These are the first shots I have taken where it shows me in the mask.  The one the right leaves nothing to wonder.  The mask is very form fitting, and keeps me aligned so the radiation treatment is directed at the mass for optimum destruction. :)  Once everything is aligned, the computer takes over and the three doses accurately treat me as planned.  So when I am laying there, with a small dose of medication to help me relax, you just close your eyes and wait.  But hearing the machine noises, I can't help but open my eyes and look where it is turning and what it is doing.  So far, I can tell when they are using the xray portion to check my alignment, and when they are rotating for the first radiation.  I hear the clicks and adjustments and can almost predict when the radiation starts.  After the second treatment, I know that the techs will come in, rotate the table, and measure the markings sometime, then one more treatment and they come in to release me.  I can say that after 4 or 5, the mask doesn't bother me.  Sure it feels tight, sometimes much tighter, but its what will help me be cancer free so I just deal with it.  I have spent a bit of time thinking about how I want to photograph my mask after I am done.  I will enjoy that project for sure.  While many people have told me they could not do it, but I bet you can.  When you understand the benefits of any challenge, you would be surprised at what you can accomplish!

4 treatments to go.  Doc says we are on schedule and all looks good.

5 days to Christmas

9 days, actually 8, I will be a second time survivor


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