Monday, December 17, 2012

First of 5 this week

So today's treatment went as well as can be.  Was in the mask the least amount today, which was awesome.  I tested the mistletoe when I got there and it worked today, so I guess they fixed it over the weekend.  Now that was a special surprise :)  My niece Molli went with me today and got a look at how it all went down.  From what she has said, pictures don't do the mask justice  compared to seeing it up close and personal.  I also learned a little regarding how they line me up with the laser beams.  I feel the table move at times, but never really know what it mean.  Kinda cool watching how they line me up via the X-rays.  So I now have 3 treatments behind me, will be interesting how I feel after 5 doses this week.  So far, no really bad side effects, dry mouth mostly, was worse saturday morning, but by the night, it was much less.  Hard to figure out what will happen, just doing what I can to stay on track.

Today I post a photo of the treatment waiting area.  I am amazed at how nice it looks and really makes a difference as you go down to get ready each time.

8 Days till Christmas!!

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