Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The countdown has begun..... 3....

Another great day in the radiation mask, though it was a bit hard to keep from laughing while they were getting the xray portion complete.  Being that I caught the crud this weekend, I wanted them to know that if the cough starts, I might have to stop.  So got me aligned and left the room, did the X-rays, but seemed to take a bit longer before the machine started to move.  Since all I could do was sit and imagine what they were doing, the voice comes over the speaker and says they are watching me and not gonna give up.   This made me laugh, cause I knew why she said that.  I had a snowflake ornament made that has the green lymphoma ribbon on the back, and my favorite quote I post here often on the other side.  Part of that quote talks about not giving up.  Then she said it a second time and I knew she was just trying to keep me preoccupied while they finished the setup, who knows, maybe they needed to reboot the system.  The first series of clicks started and I knew it was time.  3 shots and that was all she wrote.  Because I mentioned the mouth sore that has formed, and the need to see the doctor again this week, I was finished and snapped a photo for my memories, and up I went to wait for the doc.  This is a photo from the control room where they setup all the numbers on where the radiation is applied.  Sometimes it is hard to take a photo as some information may be displayed on the monitors, so I am always careful to ask before snapping.  But its pretty cool!

At the control
Met with the nurse first to talk about how I am doing.  Of course, the flu hit me, a mouth sore, sore throat you name it.  Lost about 9 pounds which they don't want happening, but when you are sick you are sick.  All in all, a quick visit and off I went.  Follow-up will be 31 January, so we'll see how things go and I am sure I will be back in to see my onc at some point too.

2 days to go for treatment

1 day post Christmas celebration

5 days to New Years Eve!!

6 in a row, the mistletoe did work.  Priceless!

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