Friday, December 28, 2012

And so this journey comes to an end

Today, the Christmas tree was down, the mistletoe was gone.  But it was still the same place, and still the same awesome friends that I have come to enjoy talking to so much.  It was the same drill, yep, that is my mug shot on the computer screen, but I was smiling, you know my birthday by now but it is required, and where are we treating.  Check.   My mistletoe friend was already in the room getting things ready.  For the last time the shirt came off and my head comes to rest on the uncomfortable plastic head rest.  The red eye in the ceiling shining bright.  The handles fitted firmly in my hands, and in I go, the last time I hope to experience this mask.  So they line up the lights on my marks on both sides, mask set, they say they'll be right back.  The machine begins to spin.  For the last time, the xray head comes out, and goes up like Number 5 Alive.  I hear the zzzzzzz, then it spins 45 degrees, another zzzzzzz, and then it collapses.  The table giggles as they make final alignment changes.  The spin begins, which starts below me, but top right I can see the bottom leg of the machine.  First zap complete.  It rotates and comes into my left peripheral vision and then up to about 10 o'clock.  Another zap complete.  The tech comes in to move the table, final angle to the right a little, and the head at about 2 o'clock.  The zap is over.  In comes the techs clapping.  I throw the hands and sigh a big relief. While none of this hurt, the mouth sores were dry and I needed water.  Up I go for the last time.  Almost forgot to take my photo, the red eye in the ceiling.  It shined to my left just a little, but the red beam was there to line up one of the many points of reference.  So I come out, and I get the certificate of completion.  They also gave me some hugs and kisses chocolates, but what was more valuable was the hugs I received from the techs who do such an awesome job to make a situation that is so so real become something easy to complete.  My hat is off to these technicians, what an awesome time they made this for me.  So I rang the bell 3 times which told everyone someone graduated, and signified the end of my treatment.  I brought some treats that an elf baked, and I left with a smile knowing it made them smile too.

This battle is not over, but I have survived twice now.  There is no giving up.  Thanks for all the prayers and support, this journey now ends and a new one begins.  I find out more 31 Jan, so here's goodbye to 2012 in a few days, and hello to an awesome 2013.

The red eye that beamed down on me each day

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